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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a comprehensive, comfortable and effective way of treating spinal issues that range from lower back pain, to neck tightness and leg cramps! Let me explain. 

The Spine 

The framework which keeps you upright is known as the vertebral column (spine). It is composed of 24 movable vertebras (bones), along with the surrounding muscles and tissue that connect and stabilise them. Running through the spine is the most amazing two-way communication system in the universe known as the ‘Nervous System’. 

These nerves originate in the spine and exit through the foramina (holes between the vertebra) to supply every organ, system, function and cell of the human body. 

A person cannot take a step without the brain telling the body to move.  


In our everyday busy lives, ‘stress’ is placed on the spine in 3 forms:  

  • Physical (heavy lifting, poor posture and trauma from car accidents) 
  • Chemical (bad diet, drugs and smoking) 
  • Emotional ( relationship and work stress)


Since these nerves supply the entire body, pressure on the nerve leads to problems within the human body. Irritation of the nerve anywhere through its course will cause issues down the track.

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